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A multidisciplinary designer with an eye for details.

Iā€™m Ahmad, Digital Product Designer and Front-End Developer from Palestine. I enjoy working on large scale Product Design and Front End Projects which involve solving complex design problems.

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My Side Projects

Accessibility Matters

Documenting everything through the journey of learning web accessibility.

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UI Bugs

Documenting UI bugs to show that all UI developers make mistakes.

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Grid to Flex

A tool that generates Flexbox fallback for CSS Grid.

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Right to Left Styling

I published a guide about Right-to-left Styling in CSS that includes all the details you need to build a multilangual website in CSS.

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Arabic Blog

Since Arabic is my mother language, this is the first ever blog I created. It was in 2012 where I starting blogging about infographics and design in general. It has a special place in my heart.

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