I’m a computer-obsessed person. Since the age of 12, my dad got a desktop computer and it took more and more time from me each year. In the university, I studied Multimedia Technology and here I am, working as a UX designer and front-end web developer at the age of 28.

In late 2013, I started noticing that my eyes don’t see far objects clearly. It wasn’t that much so I ignored it until March 2016. I went to the doctor and told me that I have short sight. I started warning glasses since then. I don’t know why I didn’t care about my eyes and waited for years before getting one.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, I was forced to work from home due to the lockdown, which is still active, by the way. I found myself having more free time available, so I asked myself, why not find something that can help you to stay away from the computer screen?

Pastry and baking were one of the first things that I thought about. I chose that path because I have a passion for food styling, and I enjoy watching and making recipes.

The first thing I made was cinnamon rolls and babka. They were very delicious!

From there, I started making more recipes. If you don’t know me, and you open my Instagram (@shadeed9) account, the first thing you might think about that I’m a chef. In reality, I still need to learn so much, but I’m very happy that I chose this path.

If you’re someone who works daily on the computer screen, I advice you to find something that can force you to stay away. Please take care of your health, and if your eyes are ok (be thankful), I recommend getting a protective blue light glasses.

That was my first journal article on my website. If you liked this or have any ideas and thoughts, please let me know on Twitter @shadeed9 so I can write more.

Stay healthy.